Services for Legal Persons
and individual enterpreneurs

  • Consulting on all branches of the Russian and internationsl legislation.
  • Registration of legal persons.
  • Subscription legal servicing of legal persons and individual enterpreneurs.
  • Legal support of Rissian and international business.
  • Rendering legal services to both Rissian and foreign entities.
Legal support of transactions:
  1. Legal examination of contracts, working out contract forms, making amendments, additions to contracts, reconciliation of differences, settlement of pre-contractual disputes, participation in business negotiations, including on sale and purchase, delivery, transportation, construction contracts.
  2. Support of translations with foreign entities.
  3. Drawing up foreign economic CONTRACTS, in Russian and English; checking conditions of a transaction for compliance with RF internationsl treaties, domestic RF legislation, work with INCOTERMS, business contract forms of international organizations.
  4. Legal control over counteragents' fullfillment of their obligations; pre-trial settlement of disputes, drawing up claims, answers to claims.
  5. Drawing up suits, requests, complaints, and other documents including in English
  6. Legal assistance in the sphere of customs controls. Determining the procedure of transfer through the RF customs border of goods in accordance with FEACN. Settlement of matter of dispute, customs disputes. Complaining against illegal actions of customs employees. Lifting seizures, recovery and reduction of customs fees.

Protection of your rights in state authorities. Complaining against acts on state authorities and action (inaction) of official, tax authorities:

  • Representing interests in arbitration courts on matters of recovery from the state budget of overpaid tax amounts, collection from tax authorities of losses sustained by a taxpayer;
  • Recognition of solutions taken by tax authorities by the results of tax audits in previous years as invalid;
  • Tax disputes (both pre-trial and arbitration stages) by the results of tax audits, support of tax audits;
  • Protection of a taxpayer in court in actions initiated by tax authorities to collect tax penalties;
  • VAT refund by judicial means.
  • Representing a taxpayer's interests in administrative proceedings, as well as preliminary investigation bodies, in criminal proceedings.

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