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Legal company Pallada welcomes you on our site!

All range of legal services is represented in one firm:

  • Consulting on all branches of the Russian and international legislation.
  • Registration of legal persons and individual enterpreneurs.
  • Support of Russian and international business:
  • Legal servicing of foreign economic activities.
  • Drawing up Russian CONTRACTS, foreign economic CONTRACTS, in Russian and English.
  • Legal assistance in the sphere of customs and tax control. Complaining against solutions of customs and tax authorities
  • Representation in courts of general jurisdiction, ARBITRATION, arbitration disputes SPb, collection of debts, protection of rights and legal interests of clients in all case categories.
    You are welcome to get more information on the legal services rendered by us in the section "Services for LEGAL PERSONS".
We guarantee confidentiality of relationships and a high level of servicing: the safekeeping of not only the client's trade secrets but also the fact of his/her application to us for assistance. Our specialist is able to go to your office. We offer an experience of practicing lawyers and attorneys whose mastery is proven by positive results of solving matters of their customers for more than 10 years.


Legal services Saint Petersburg

Quality legal services Saint Petersburg can help your business flourish. By contacting us you have undoubtedly made a right choice, we will help you in solving any legal matters. We render services to both individuals and legal persons. Our lawyers and attorneys have a great practical experience, therefore you can be assured in the promptness and quality of the work carried out by them.

Legal services Saint Petersburg. Specialists of the legal company Pallada will help you solve any legal problems and matters you may encounter. Protection of rights, representation in court, collection of debts, customs disputes, optimization of taxation, arbitration disputes SPb and - this is a far from full list of the services provided by us. Also we provide subscription legal servicing for your convenience of conducting business, for more active your business, the more frequently you encounter risks.

Contact us, and we will joinly work out an optimal configuration of relationships.

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